1) I can't like Facebook pages and receive credits / I'm getting a Facebook error?
Your tokens run out every 2 months, so if you can't use the Facebook section please disconnect your Facebook account from Social Friend Follower and re-connect it.
2) How does the Social Friend Follower community work?
Social Friend Follower mainly works as a bridge between people looking for friends and followers. The credits are provided to people, which acts as rewards.

When you follow or give Facebook likes, or watch someone's video or visit their website, they give you credits and vice versa when they follow, like and view you.

It is up to you how many credits you want to provide people for each like or follow etc. You can configure this in your control panel.
Remember, even when you run out of credits, people can see and can continue to follow you.

We act as the agents and introduce you to various people. It is up to you who you who choose as your friends. You can find many people in the community as our site focuses on community development, you can also filter members by location, age and even interests or keywords!
3) What is a credit?
Credits are used to grow your social network. They work as a reward, which you offer people to check out your page and profile. And you can earn credits in a similar manner. This helps to develop a stronger community.
4) I'm having problems with Facebook, it doesn't recognise when I like a page and confirm.
Please disconnect and re-connect your Facebook account from the Facebook settings page and this should solve the problem.
5) Do you sell followers and Facebook fans?
No, we don’t sell followers and Facebook fans. We are just service introducing you to different people. We just expose your profile or community to various people and have the option to choose your friends.
6) Why does it restrict me from following someone?
There can be many reasons for this. The person might have selected the option to protect their updates. This means that you can only follow them after receiving their approval.

Also, you may have even tried to follow them outside of Social Friend Follower which automatically restricts you, as you can't follow a person that you already follow.
7) Am, I forced to follow others?
No, definitely not. We ask you to only follow someone for a reasonable time as our goal is to introduce you to many new friends. If you feel that they post spam and inappropriate content, then you can unfollow them.
8) What is meant by Aggressive unfollowing?
People sometimes try to defraud the system by collecting credits by following a lot of people and then unfollowing them shortly afterwards.
This results in a loss for people offering seeds.

Social Friend Follower works on a manual system and its system says,”I will offer credits only if you follow me for a reasonable amount of time and check me out”. The people who just churn lists are automatically highlighted to our support team and they are restricted from having any new friends.
9) What happens if my Twitter or Facebook accounts etc. gets suspended?
This would be nothing to do with us as it is impossible for this to happen using our site. You will have to contact twitter. Using our site you manually choose yourself who to follow, there is no automatic functionality as this is against Twitters policies.
10) Why can't I offer 1 credit?
The whole Social Friend Follower system is dependent on the credits you offer. Whenever, you offer credits, from that, 1 credit is deducted by our system.
Example: if you offer 2 credits, it will show 1 credit. This is done to recollect the credits by us, which we can use for the other purposes, such as introducing them to new users, or to people who blog or refer.

Through our extensive research we have found that this mechanism is important to take a control over credits and restrict the over-supply of credits in the community.
11) Do I earn credits every time I follow a person?
No. This is risky and unfair, besides you can only follow a person once on the site.
12) Why do some people offer 0 credits?
This is because they don’t have credits left in their account. These people may not get followers and people can even stop following them, as they don’t receive any incentives. Once the person signs back in to the community they can receive their daily credits, if they are a VIP and their credits will not be zero.
13) Is all my information secure?
Yes, absolutely. We just use your personal information as we offer customised results. It is used by our team for research and analysis. We will definitely not pass on any information to the third parties. This is illegal.
14) Does being a Social Friend Follower member cost me anything?
No. it’s absolutely free. However, there are premium options available if you wish to purchase additional coins but that is purely your choice.
15) Can I buy Credits?
Yes, credits can be purchased. As soon as you login just go to 'Buy credits'. All payments are only transacted securely through PAYPAL and immediately credited to your account.
16) How do I cancel my premium membership?
Login to your paypal account and cancel it from there, you will then be downgraded automatically.
17) How do I become premium?
You can upgrade to premium from the 'VIP Membership' link in the top menu bar. This will bring you to a new page and present you with the option to upgrade and the benefits it offers.